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The Ultimate Spray-On Coating for Cars & Trucks

What makes SECRET SAUCE so amazing? Well, it’s a secret! But we’ll tell you! In a world of “ceramic” and “graphene” buzz and cost variances from $7 to $400 a bottle, no wonder everyone is confused. SECRET SAUCE is a world-class coating that you spray on, spread and rub in, wipe off. This will provide more durability and lasts longer than ceramics, providing a super high-gloss finish. NEVER wax again. SECRET SAUCE will protect your surface, give you an amazing shine and make you look like a professional detailer without any skill required. And, its quick and easy to do.


  • Forms a super high-gloss, long-lasting shine

  • Maximum surface durability with UV Protection

  • Removes swirl marks & fine-line scratches

  • Never wax painted surfaces again

  • Quick & Easy. Spray on, wipe off, & admire

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Tech Tip

Begin with a clean, dry surface free of dust and debris and 3 clean microfiber towels. Use towel #1 to spread Secret Sauce. Use towel #2 to rub in and buff the surface, flipping regularly to expose dry sections of towel. Replace towel #2 if it becomes saturated. Use towel #3 for a final wipe to remove residue, fingerprints or streaks. Take a step back and admire the glossy finish.

Product FAQs

Q: Is Secret Sauce a ceramic coating?
A: Secret Sauce contains a high concentration of Silicon Dioxide, aka SiO2, and a blend of polymers, which harden on the surface providing a durable, long-lasting shine. There is no industry standard that qualifies a “ceramic”.

Q: Is Secret Sauce safe for application over professionally applied ceramic coatings?
A:  Yes, Secret Sauce works great to supplement the glossy shine of a professionally ceramic coated painted surface and will not cause any damage to the original coating.

Q: How long does Secret Sauce last?
A: There are many variables to consider such as exposure to UV light and environmental factors but we have found that applying Secret Sauce every 3-4 months will keep your paint looking showroom new for years.