Roof Sauce

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ROOF SAUCE is your solution for cleaning the roof surface of your RV or trailer. This unique formula is specifically designed for the RV Owner to be sprayed on to the surface and wiped or hosed off. This true 2 in 1 product will clean as well as protect. The specialty drying agent allows the protection to stay on the surface while the cleaning occurs. Designed and safe for all roof seals. Use a brush or microfiber towel to spread, agitate the tough spots, and then wipe clean with a mircofiber towel or hose off with water. The before and after results will amaze you. A simple solution to protect your roof and help eliminate black streaks down the side of your RV exterior.


  • True 2 in 1 Product: Clean + Protect
  • Easy to Use: Spray On, Brush or Rub on, Wipe or Hose Off
  • Removes dirt, grime and nature runoff (bird droppings, tree sap)
  • Cleans the roof surface and all seals
  • Cross Linking Polymers provide UV Protection
  • Safe for all roof types and seals
  • 3’ long trigger sprayer; easily spray large sections of the RV Roof

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