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Bling Sauce’s #1 selling product, Hot Sauce, is a spray detailer on steroids. The unique spray on, wipe off formula has the strength to cut through hard waterspots WITHOUT stripping your wax. Hot Sauce contains sealants to help maintain your wax coat while leaving a streak-free, show quality shine. Now that you've seen what the Hot Sauce has to offer, check out some of our other products.


  • Simple spray on, wipe off application

  • Removes hard water spots

  • Will NOT strip your wax, adds sealant with every use

  •  Apply wet or dry for a streak-free shine

  •  Safe for fiberglass, paint, stainless, glass and plastic

  •  Perfect for boats, RVs, UTVs, motorcycles, autos and more.

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Tech Tip

Begin with 2 Micro Fiber towels – start in the rear of the boat where the spots and buildup are the most extreme, spray and wipe product across 2-3 foot sections, flipping the towel over as you go. Continue around the boat using the same towel until you've reached the front, then use a fresh micro fiber towel for the other side.