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Convertible Top Cleaner

Bling Sauce Platinum introduces Topless Sauce — a specially formulated solution for cleaning vinyl and fabric convertible tops. Topless Sauce effectively removes the toughest soils and mildew stains, leaving your vehicle's convertible top looking brand new. Say goodbye to tough stains and hello to a top that shines.


  • Specially formulated for vinyl and fabric convertible tops
  • Biodegradable, no harsh chemicals, and won't streak paint or wax
  • Removes the toughest soils and mildew stains
  • Spray on and wipe with a damp cloth or hose
  • Perfect for all convertibles


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Tech Tip

Once Topless Sauce has been applied and the surface fully cleaned, it is important to remove excess product residue. We suggest hosing off the convertible top if able but wiping the surface with a damp towel is acceptable.

Product FAQs

Q: Is Topless Sauce safe for soft tops found on Jeeps and Broncos?
A: Yes, Topless Sauce works great on soft tops found on off-road vehicles in addition to convertible cars.

Q: Is Topless Sauce effective on mildew stains?
A: Yes, Topless Sauce is highly effective on mold and mildew stains. Use a soft bristle brush to agitate and work the product into surface for best results.

Q: Will Topless Sauce leave streaks on my paint or eat away at the wax coat?
A: No, Topless Sauce rinses or wipes clean with no oily residue and does not contain harsh chemicals. This means that rinse water can run over painted/waxed surfaces without concern.