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Are HOT SAUCE and QUICKIE SAUCE safe for paint and gelcoat?

Absolutely, sauce products are great on all finishes including Imron paint. All Bling Sauce® products contain safe, bio-degradable compounds which will not harm your vehicle’s finish, gel or paint.

What sets HOT SAUCE apart from the other hard water spot removers or quick detailers on the market?

Most hard water spot removers strip wax. Most quick detailers don’t remove tough water spots. HOT SAUCE is the only product to successfully remove the hardest water spots without stripping wax. In fact, HOT SAUCE has been proven in independent testing to provide added protection to gelcoat and painted surfaces.

Do I need to dilute your products prior to use?

No, all Bling Sauce® products are shipped from the factory ready for use.

Does Hot Sauce include carnuba wax?

No, there are no carnauba waxes in HOT SAUCE. Independent research shows that carnauba waxes do not hold up to the marine environment. HOT SAUCE contains a proprietary blend of polymer based sealants which enhance wax protection and create a slick surface with unrivaled shine.

Are other products using the same formula as Bling Sauce’s “sauces?”

Absolutely NOT! These are all EXCLUSIVE formulas developed through years of research to provide the absolute best products available. These will not be found under any other name or company—Bling Sauce® is your only source for these amazing products.

What sizes do Bling Sauce® sauces come in?

HOT SAUCE and VINYL SAUCE are available in quart bottles with sprayers, gallon jugs and 5-gallon mini drums (best value). All other Bling Sauce® products are available in quarts.

What payment methods do you accept?

We proudly accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and the American Express Card in our online store.

Shipping seems high. What methods do you ship?

Due to the nature of shipping heavy liquids, we ship all products via FedEx Ground with insurance. We suggest purchasing in bulk to minimize your shipping expense per product. Orders are packaged into heavy duty 3/16” boxes and secured with packing materials to minimize shifting during transit after each item is leak tested. In addition, all caps and spray nozzles are individually glued. Bling Sauce® aims to ship all orders within 24 hours. Please contact us with any questions or special order inquiries.

I’d rather support a local shop, are there any dealers near me?

Use our store locator to find out where to buy Bling Sauce® products at a retailer near you. Please enter your state or zip code and a list of local dealers will appear with links to navigation and contact information. Please be sure to call first to check availability of your desired products.

I wish my local dealer carried Bling Sauce® products. How can I get them to stock the Sauce?

Please send us an email to with your referral and we will have our sales staff personally reach out to your recommended dealer. Or, have them contact, and we will provide them with our Dealer Package for their review.

Is the Quickie Sauce a spray detailer or real wax?

QUICKIE SAUCE is a pure wax product made from premier Montan wax sealants for the ultimate protection with minimal effort. More importantly it is even easier to remove leaving no residue, just a slick, protected surface.

Can QUICKIE SAUCE be used in sunlight?

YES! QUICKIE SAUCE is designed to dry to a haze when buffed onto a surface. Once dried the excess should be buffed off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Remember to rotate and/or replace the towel as it becomes saturated with excess product to eliminate streaking.

Do I need to apply Condition Sauce every time I use Vinyl Sauce?

No, VINYL SAUCE excels at cleaning all interior surfaces and is safe to use every time you use the boat. We suggest following up with a monthly application of CONDITION SAUCE on the cleaned surface to ensure your interior remains protected from damaging UV exposure.

How does your 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE work?

Simple – we are so confident in our products and services that we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied, please email and a refund will be issued either by check or credit card refund. We will ask what you are not satisfied with and how we can improve, but regardless of your answer, your money will be refunded.

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