Boat and RV Soap
Boat and RV Soap
Boat and RV Soap
Boat & RV Soap – Quick Facts

Boat and RV Soap

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Specialized Soap for Marine & RV Applications

Not all soaps are created equal and don’t let the price fool you. The NEW Bling Sauce BOAT & RV SOAP is a highly concentrated, biodegradable soap developed just for the harsh environmental conditions for the most discriminating Boat and RV owner. This formula will not strip your wax coat and is easy to apply in a bucket of water with a brush/mitt or with a soap dispensing hose nozzle. A must at the end of a long road trip, multiple day trip on your favorite water way or just to remove all that dust from storage. You will never use another household soap again after this!

Premium Product Features:

  • Highly Concentrated – 2 oz per Gallon of Water
  • Won't Strip your Wax Coat
  • Biodegradable
  • Perfect for fiberglass, painted surfaces, plastic, Lexan, aluminum, glass, clear coats
  • Use in a Bucket or a Soap Dispensing Nozzle