RV Sauce

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RV SAUCE is the culmination of nearly 20 years in the high quality, spray and wipe, care industry. RV SAUCE is a ceramic quick detailer designed just for the RV exterior side surfaces; painted, gelcoated, fiberglass and decals. This easy to use and convenient 64oz bottle with a 3' hose sprayer attachment allows you to easily reach the top of your RV or trailer without the use of a ladder. Spray on and use a microfiber towel (on an extended pole for higher sections) and wipe off. This will remove any dust, light dirt or debris and provide a high gloss, protected surface.


  • True 3 in 1 product: CLEAN + PROTECT + SHINE
  • Easy to Use: Spray On, Wipe Off
  • Removes light dirt, road grime and dust
  • Applies a durable ceramic coating to protect
  • Provides a high gloss shine to impress
  • 3’ long trigger sprayer; reach up to 14’ high without a ladder
  • Fantastic option between RV washes and annual wax coatings

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