BLING SAUCE PLATINUM – The Evolution Continues

Bling Sauce Platinum

Back in 2020, with our rebrand to “Bling Sauce,” I mentioned that we are open to and embracing change in our industries and the fast pace of a rapidly growing business. We are so proud of our roots and history over 17 years and want to take the next steps to make our business a LEGACY company. We love marine. We love RV. We love powersports. That will never change. Those are the toys we are passionate about. We are also passionate about our vehicles that tow our toys and get us to our jobs, day in and day out. And with that, I am proud to introduce BLING SAUCE PLATINUM – our new specialty line of automotive care products.

This is a huge industry with a ton of new brands, long-standing legacy companies we know and admire, and everything in between. Our focus is different than 90% of these companies. We have spent a few years developing completely new formulas using the latest chemicals and technologies available to provide the best products for the everyday car owner. Soccer Moms, college students, Uber drivers, Average Joes, we thought of you. So many products and companies out there require special tools and equipment, multiple coats, certain temperatures. That is too complex, and you might as well be a professional to use those brands. Our motto is simple – PROFESSIONAL RESULTS WITH AMATEUR EFFORT. All of our new products are spray on and wipe off.

You, our customers and retailers, have been asking for these products for years. The time is now, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The launch of BLING SAUCE PLATINUM has 5 products:

Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce – Ultimate spray-on coating for your painted, wrapped, and glass surfaces. This spray-on and wipe-off product has 5 times the industry average SI02 (ceramic) for ease of use and protection but also has polymers that provide a deep shine like high-end graphene. The best of both worlds.


Leather Sauce

Leather Sauce – Premium cleaner and conditioner for your leather surfaces. You can expect a deep clean plus a nourishing moisturizing conditioner making it one of the few in the marketplace that can actually do both with high-quality results.


Trim Sauce

Trim Sauce – Specialty 3-in-1 black plastic restorer. This will clean, restore, and protect those black plastic surfaces and even fill in imperfections without the slick, greasy feel.


Topless Sauce

Topless Sauce – Premium convertible top cleaner for vinyl and fabric tops. A must-have for convertible, Jeep, and new Bronco owners.


Techno Sauce

Techno Sauce – Essential for every vehicle created in the last decade, an electronic screen treatment and cleaner. This powerful but safe cleaner also features polymer technology to protect the surface to resist scratching plus anti-static properties for ease of use.

    We are a global brand trusted for nearly 20 years. You can choose the BLING SAUCE PLATINUM line of products knowing everything we do is easy to use and extremely high quality. We use everything we create and sell. It’s a part of us. We know you will love these products just as much as we do.

    BLING SAUCE PLATINUM is currently available on our website at and Amazon. It is currently available to retailers through distribution partners such as the Keystone Automotive Group with more distribution partners being added. We are in current discussions with top retailers in the country and expect to have some news on when you can get the products at these retailers soon.

    Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to source any of our products in the most efficient way possible. With over 7,000 retail locations currently selling the Bling Sauce Marine and RV products, you can expect the same level of effort to ensure the BLING SAUCE PLATINUM products are easy to find.

    We appreciate all your loyalty and support. We never take that for granted.

    Thanks for trusting our company and products.

    Patrick Jones
    President and CEO

    Bling Sauce Platinum products