Quickie Sauce - Fast Wax Sealant Spray | Bling Sauce
Quickie Sauce - Fast Wax Sealant Spray | Bling Sauce
Quickie Sauce
Quickie Sauce
Quickie Sauce
Quickie Sauce

Quickie Sauce

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Fast Spray-On Wax Sealant

Quickie Sauce offers the protection of traditional paste wax yet can be applied in a fraction of the time. Perfect for fiberglass, painted surfaces, vinyl moldings and decals. Simply spray on, rub in and wipe off. The unique blend of Montan wax and sealant quickly dries to a haze during application. Once dry, just dust off the residue and your coat of Quickie Sauce wax sealant will keep your surface protected for months while the sealed surface makes future cleanup a breeze. 


  • Simple spray on, rub-in, wipe off application

  • Unique blend of Montan wax and sealants

  • Safe for fiberglass, paint, vinyl moldings and decals

  • Provides a high gloss shine with 3-4 months of UV protection

  • Wax your 22’ boat, travel trailer or vehicle in about an hour

  • Holds up to demanding environments and extreme temperatures

  • Won’t yellow like a Carnauba Wax


Boats     RVs     UTVs    JetSki     Motorcycle      Airplane     Yacht     Snowmobile


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Tech Tip

Use the Quickie Sauce to protect the most exposed surfaces and around the water line prior to a long boating trip. The ease of cleanup with the Hot Sauce afterward is almost too easy plus the extra protection prior to significant direct sunlight has increased the life of your paint and gelcoat surface. You can thank us later.

Product FAQs

Q: Is Quickie Sauce safe for paint and gelcoat?
A: Absolutely! Sauce products are great on all finishes including Imron paint. All Bling Sauce® products contain safe, bio-degradable compounds which will not harm your vehicle’s finish, gel or paint.

Q: Is the Quickie Sauce a spray detailer or real wax?
A: QUICKIE SAUCE is a pure wax product made from premier Montan wax sealants for the ultimate protection with minimal effort. More importantly it is even easier to remove leaving no residue, just a slick, protected surface.

Q: Can QUICKIE SAUCE be used in sunlight?
A: YES, QUICKIE SAUCE is designed to dry to a haze when buffed onto a surface. Once dried the excess should be buffed off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Remember to rotate and/or replace the towel as it becomes saturated with excess product to eliminate streaking.

Q: Do I need to dilute your products prior to use?
A: No, all Bling Sauce® products are shipped from the factory ready for use.

Q: How does your 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE work?
A: Simple – we are so confident in our products and services that we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not completely satisfied, please email sales@blingsauce.com and a refund will be issued either by check or credit card refund. We will ask what you are not satisfied with and how we can improve, but regardless of your answer, your money will be refunded.