How to Clean a UTV & ATV


The freedom of blasting through the desert, climbing rock trails, and blazing paths through the forest is difficult to describe unless you've experienced it for yourself. Today's UTVs do it all, and their capabilities continue to improve with every new model. However, the further off the beaten path you travel, dirt and grime are a constant issue. Whether you're combatting the dry dust of the desert Southwest or the clay mud of the Northeast, keeping your rig clean doesn't have to be a challenge. Having the right tool for the job is critical to maintaining your machine, and cleaning is no different.

Steps for Cleaning a UTV & ATV

Step 1: Get the Mud Off

Soap and water are your friends. A power washer will do quick work of caked-on mud, especially after soaking the UTV in soapy water. Use the soap of your choice so long as it's for automotive or marine use. Stay away from household detergents like dish soap, which tend to strip wax and leave a residue.

Step 2: Rinse it Clean

Rinse the UTV clean with a power washer with its ability to get into tight crevices and suspension components that trap dirt and grime. Most of our tap water is "hard" and full of minerals. You could spend thousands on deionizing equipment and filters to avoid water spots OR spend 5 minutes wiping it down with some Hot Sauce in the next step and achieve the same or better results.

Step 3: Exterior Detailing

Dry the UTV with soft, clean towels. Don't worry about perfection; wipe up excess water off the exterior surfaces. Mist and wipe the smooth plastic, painted, and powder-coated metal surfaces with Hot Sauce detail spray. The Hot Sauce will remove any water spots while leaving a streak-free shine when applied to wet or dry surfaces. Hot Sauce can be applied directly to the surface and wiped clean for large, flat surfaces like exterior plastics. For tricky areas like wheels and the spaces between suspension components, mist some Hot Sauce on a towel and use it to wipe down the surface versus spraying it on directly.

Apply Condition Sauce UV protectant to textured plastics and rubber tires to refresh the factory appearance without leaving excess grease, especially important in the Southwest deserts, so freshly detailed surfaces don't attract dust on the next off-road trip.

Step 4: Interior Detailing

Clean the vinyl seats and textured plastics with Vinyl Sauce interior cleaner. Vinyl Sauce will effectively remove sweat, body oil, dirt, and grime without compromising the safety or factory warranty of the materials. Once clean, follow up with an application of Condition Sauce to protect the interior surfaces from UV damage and provide a freshly detailed appearance without excess grease or shine.

Step 5: The Extra Mile

If you want your UTV to shine AND make future cleanup even more effortless, apply a coat of Quickie Sauce wax to smooth plastics and painted or powder-coated metal. The wax will provide months of UV protection, but more importantly, it makes future cleanup a breeze. Use a towel or applicator pad to apply the wax, avoiding accidental overspray onto textured plastics.

Next time you hit the trail, dirt, mud, and grime will sit on top of the waxed surface and rinse off with minimal effort. A few minutes of extra time dedicated to protecting your rig before your next trip will save hours of cleanup later.


During final detail, apply Condition Sauce on textured plastics and rubber tires 1st. Any overspray onto smooth, shiny surfaces like doors or wheels will be wiped away with a quick mist and wipe of Hot Sauce afterward.