Cleaning Water Spots on Ceramic Coating

Cleaning Water Spots on Ceramic Coating

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings have become a hot trend in the world of boat, RV and powersports detailing. A ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution applied to the exterior of your boat, RV, UTV, etc. to protect it from external contaminants and damage. They provide a strong barrier against the elements, last for years, and make cleanup a breeze. What’s not to like? There are countless options when it comes to ceramic coatings and little regulation as to the claims made by manufacturers and installers.

How do you choose a ceramic coating shop?

Professional grade ceramic coatings cure extremely hard, and unlike traditional waxes they can only be removed by abrasive polishing. Even most corrosive acids have no effect. Thus, it is critical to choose a shop that is capable of prepping the surface, applying the coating and most importantly, able to guarantee their work well into the future. Poor prep and failure to correct underlying issues prior to coating will result in imperfections buried under a layer of protective polymer that can’t be touched up. Even something as simple as utilizing a drive-through car wash may void the manufacturer warranty, so be sure to carefully review use and care instructions with your detailing professional before committing.

What are ceramic sprays?

Ceramic sprays often claim to offer “professional” results with a mist & wipe spray. Technically, any spray detailer that contains polymers can make the claim as containing “ceramic”. In fact, our popular Hot Sauce product has contained polymer sealants since 2006. We could call it “Ceramic Hot Sauce” if we wanted to and we would still be within compliance! There is almost no regulation to companies making these claims, so it is important to carefully research products and manufacturers to ensure your expectations align with product capabilities.

Do you need to wax ceramic coatings?

While ceramic coatings are great, they still function similarly to a quality wax coat. As water dries on the surface the minerals will remain, resulting in a water spot. Fortunately, water spots and surface grime can be quickly removed with a simple mist and wipe of Hot Sauce. Ceramic coatings tend to be damaged by friction, not chemicals, so just be sure your towel is soft and clean.

Is Hot Sauce safe on ceramic coatings?

Hot Sauce is perfectly safe for use on professionally applied ceramic coatings. Those coatings are designed to hold up against extremely strong chemicals, and Hot Sauce is incredibly mild. One benefit of ceramic coatings is that detailing becomes very easy. After a long day of fun on the water, a quick mist and wipe of Hot Sauce is all that’s needed to maintain the coated surface.

I just got a ceramic coating. How do I remove water spots?

Spray a mist of Hot Sauce onto the surface of your ceramic coating and wipe it away with a soft microfiber towel.

If you’ve been using Hot Sauce for years but just had your boat ceramic coated, we suggest that you apply about ½ the product as you would prior to the coating. Since water spots, grime, and surface contaminants don’t etch into the surface, cleanup should be very easy with just a small amount of Hot Sauce. Depending on the severity of the water spots, you may even be able to apply a few sprays of Hot Sauce on a towel and wipe down vs spraying directly onto the surface.