Bling Sauce - Evolution of Our Brand

Bling Sauce Products

You are probably curious about “Bling Sauce.”  What is Bling Sauce? What happened to Boat Bling? Did the company sell? Did the products I love change? I’ll ensure that all of these answers are very clear as you read through the rest of this blog.

A lot of people don’t like change.  A lot of businesses don’t like change.  We’re not those people.  We understand that change is inevitable and must be embraced to be successful.  Welcome to the new Bling Sauce website.  Bling Sauce is simply the new marketing name for your beloved “Sauces.”  Boat Bling, Inc. remains the company, its principle owners and staff remain the same and the products you have loved, some of you since we debuted back in 2006, are the same.  Thanks to each of you, we have grown exponentially over the past 5 years, which is allowing us embrace this change.  I’ve been asked since we first started, “come out with RV Bling or Motorcycle Bling or you name anything else with the word Bling.”  My answer was always simple: “not yet, I want us to be great at something (marine) vs average (or worse) at a bunch of things.”  Think about it in these terms: Doctors and Lawyers specialize in one or two aspects of their field and don’t try and do everything.  I was concerned if we tried to do everything, we would fail because we wouldn’t be great at anything.  I have believed since day 1 this is a crucial aspect of any business and I wanted Boat Bling to be known as a world-class marine care product, respected by retailers, manufacturers and appreciated by boaters.  We are recommended by the leading OEM vinyl manufacturers in the industry, work with some of the top boat manufacturers and are sold at over 1200 retail outlets with some of the biggest retailer names in the world such as West Marine, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Academy Sports, Overtons and more.  Are we done with our focus on Marine? Absolutely not.  Have we met all of our goals in Marine?  Absolutely not.  Marine will always be our baseline. We’ll always be here as you, your family and your boating needs evolve.

Boat Bling can now reach out and evolve to the next phase of the business; that is Bling Sauce.  Bling Sauce is simply Boat Bling without the “Boat” and Hot Sauce without the “Hot” or any other Sauce.  We chose this after years of thinking, planning and market visualization to simplify our brand.  With this change to Bling Sauce, it continues to align perfectly with our mission.

“Provide the most discriminating enthusiast with a simple, easy to use line of care products that exceed expectations in quality, appeal, and provides world class results in less time than any other products.”

As many of you know, Hot Sauce works great on RVs, UTVs, cars, and even shower doors.  Now, we are specifically marketing to these industries with our existing products that we also know work great on these applications.  We are in final developments of NEW products that will hopefully become the flagship product of many of these industries such as RV, Powersports and Aviation.  We are proud to have your trust, loyalty and nothing is more important that your recommendation of our products.  We are excited about our evolution with Bling Sauce but promise you, everything we have done for the marine industry and learned over the past 15 years, will not just fade away.  Boating is a part of our individual and company DNA for life.