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Trim Sauce
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Trim Sauce

Trim Sauce

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Black Plastic Trim Restorer & Protectant

Don't let dull and faded trim hurt the look of your vehicle. Bling Sauce Platinum introduces Trim Sauce, a 3-in-1 solution for restoring the look and feel of your car or truck's plastics and black surfaces. Our revolutionary product not only cleans and restores, but also protects surfaces with its advanced cross-linking polymer formula. Simply spray on, rub, and wipe off to give your plastic areas a long-lasting shine. Keep your vehicle's trim looking brand new with Trim Sauce.

  • Restores the look and feel of plastics and black surfaces
  • 3-in-1: Cleans, restores, and protects surfaces
  • Fills in surface imperfections and provides a natural shine without the greasy feel
  • Protects the surface with cross-linking polymers
  • Spray on, wipe off
  • After wiping, burnish with a microfiber towel
  • Perfect for all vehicles with black plastic trim


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Tech Tip

Shake Trim Sauce well prior to each application. For aged plastics, use multiple light applications of Trim Sauce vs applying a heavy coat. This will ensure the plastic is restored in a consistent manner and avoid discolorations or unsightly drip marks.

Product FAQs

Q: Will Trim Sauce leave a greasy residue?
A: No, Trim Sauce will leave textured plastics dry to the touch.

Q: Is Trim Sauce only effective on black plastics?
A: No, Trim Sauce does not contain any dyes and is perfectly safe for all textured plastics such as those found on bumpers, mirrors and fender flares regardless of color.

Q: Will Trim Sauce protect plastics from UV exposure?
A: Yes, Trim Sauce contains cross-linking polymers which protect the surface from damaging UV sunlight and exposure to the elements.