Bling Sauce Releases Revolutionary Glass Cleaner Available at Over 300 Walmart Locations

Glass Sauce bonds to surfaces, resists scratching, repels water and oil residues, making it ideal for electronic screens and displays on boats and other powersports vehicles.

 Glass Sauce Kit - Glass cleaner from Bling Sauce

[Phoenix, AZ February 25, 2022] – Bling Sauce announced a new cleaning product to its lineup called Glass Sauce, available at over 300 Walmart retail locations,, and on Developed at the request of Walmart, the world's largest retailer, Glass Sauce features Polymer technology that bonds to surfaces, resists scratching, and continuously repels water and oil residues.

The revolutionary glass treatment and cleaner is designed to spray directly on sensitive electronic screens and is ideal for boats, UTVs, RVs, aviation, and automobiles. Glass Sauce removes dirt, grease, oils, spots, and germs while providing a clean, streak-free appearance.

"As technology has evolved, been embraced, and incorporated into the boating, RV, and Powersports products of today, our customers and retailers were all asking for a high-quality product to clean and protect the electronic screens and glass windshields. Our company's development of new products is a deep passion. Glass Sauce is the best on the market, adds more functional value for the customer, and is safe on all surfaces. is the driving force to ensure the product lives up to the Bling Sauce standard. Our company, retailers, and industry partners are all very excited for this new product filling a much-needed void for our customers."
- Patrick Jones, Bling Sauce President and CEO

Glass Sauce Premium Features:

• Cleans and protects glass longer

• Polymer bonds to surfaces to help resist scratching

• Polymer technology repels water and resists scratching

• Anti-static

• Safe for all surfaces

Glass Sauce Kits include (1) 4oz. bottle of glass treatment and cleaner and (1) large 14' x 14" terry cloth with enhanced microfibers for hygienic cleaning, retailing for $13.95. For more information, visit


Bling Sauce was founded in 2004 by two avid boaters and friends with the goal of bringing premium, innovative products to the boating market. After finding success on the water, Bling Sauce brought its world-class care products to additional industry segments including RVs, UTVs, Automotive, Snowmobiles, and Aviation. Today, Bling Sauce is distributed globally across 10 countries and is sold at over 6,000 retail outlets including Walmart, Bass Pro, Academy Sports, Camping World, and more.

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