Chasing Bass in the Summer

Josh Bertrand

The kids are out of school. The weather is getting warm throughout the nation. Summer is here. It’s time for boating. If you love bass fishing, the change in the season means a change in your fishing game plan. Professional anglers Cody Meyer and Josh Bertrand, and our Bling Sauce brand ambassadors are here to help you.

Here is some guidance from MLF Angler Cody Meyer on how to catch fish through the “Dog Days of Summer”!

Cody Meyer

Fishing in the Summer can be incredible but it can also make for some very tough conditions to catch bass.

Typically, the first and last hours of the day are usually the best window to produce bites in the summer months. Fish are more active as the water is cooler, so it’s important to get out there when they are biting. Summertime bass fishing is prime time for throwing topwater baits! I will start and end the day throwing a topwater.

I typically start on main lake points with deep water access nearby. Fish will tend to school up in big groups during summer to chase bait and nothing beats a good topwater bite. I usually prefer a walking bite such as an “Evergreen Shower Blows”. Look for schooling activity and shade lines when the sun gets higher. With water temps being warm and the sun high, bass will always hang out around shade

Cody Meyer

Another great way to catch them during summer is to target offshore structures. Bush Piles, Rock Piles, and deep grass are always safe bets to produce bites! I tend to graph around the same topwater areas and look for these hidden gems in the deeper water.

Typically, this is the best pattern to fish when the sun is high and the water gets warmer. Some of my favorite techniques to fish these structures include big worms, drop-shots, and a big football head jig! Next time you hit the water this summer make sure to try this 1-2 punch to help catch more and bigger bass!

Here is some guidance from MLF Angler Josh Bertrand, a resident of HOT Arizona.

Josh Bertrand

Summer is actually my favorite time of year to fish. What I love so much about summer fishing is the consistent bite waiting for anglers. During the spring season, fishing can be awesome, but the fish can be highly affected by frequent weather fronts. Once summertime hits, the air and water temps become consistent and so does the fishing.

Often you’ll find the best summer fishing to be in the mornings and evenings. On many lakes around the country, you’ll find the magic depth zone to be 15-25 feet. Deep crankbaits, big Texas rigged worms, and topwaters are among my favorite summer baits. Fish will usually be schooled up this time of year so if you can find one fish you’ll often have a chance at more!

From our team at Bling Sauce, enjoy the summer bass fishing chase. Post your big catches on our social media and share them with the world.

By Patrick Jones, Cody Meyer, and Josh Bertrand